adlog believes that the ever-increasing and constantly evolving requirements for proper management of means, tools, and materials have created the need for specialized and integrated management solutions.

adlog specializes in providing a comprehensive package of integrated materials supply chain management solutions, starting with contributing to and defining the needs and the ideal selection of the materials, as well as its related means and tools.

adlog provides supply chain management solutions throughout the range of construction materials as well as operation and maintenance of facilities.

adlog’s solutions cover bulk, rotating, and itemised material, general and special material, as well as consumables and chemicals.

All our services comprise a unified management system and scope, applicable for the infrastructure of industrial facilities as well as for all type of construction projects.

adlog’s detailed and designated Supply Chain Management solutions include:

  • materials selection services based on the defined needs
  • study and implementation of transparent tendering procedures for evaluating and awarding optimal suppliers
  • study and implementation of economically advanced logistics solutions for the qualitative handling and transportation of the material
  • storage of the material based on required procedures, standards, and defined conditions
  • warehouse operations based on new innovative forms of storage technologies, stock control, monitoring activities, and professional workman’ s practices for each material
  • delivery and distribution of materials by relevant procedures, needs, and flow schedules

adlog provides every additional service that ensures professional and integrated material management application related to the project.

All project related transactions, documentation as well as certificates describing and defining manufacturing methods, QC / QA data, quantity, and every corresponding information are managed in the most professional way ensuring direct access to traceability and all information in connection to each individual material.

adlog insists: Safety first.

Supply chain management can only be effected and realized by the implementation of laws, regulations, procedures, rules, and practices that form an ultimate HSE system.