Risk Management

We all weigh risks while making everyday decisions. The optimal outcome is progressing with all our activities, while targeting to minimize all risk.

Αt adlog we believe that realistic approaches to risk minimization can be important in all aspects of life, but are most integral in logistics, supply chain management and project management.

Knowing that a strong risk management structure predicts uncertainties and calculates their impact on defined activities.

At adlog we focus on specific areas were challenges may arise and we implement efficient risk management, utilizing all available modern tools, systems, standards and practices.


Claims Management

In business activities, especially in construction, where the agreed terms and conditions determine the responsibilities of the parties, there is always the possibility of all parties raising claims. At adlog we believe that courts of justice should be the last resort for resolving disputes.

On disputes and claims, adlog is in the position to develop means, ways, and strategies for successfully completing discussions and negotiations, with the benefit of the Client as our primary goal, while maintaining a good relationship and fruitful cooperation with the other party.

The vast experience of our executives, enables us to suggest solutions, hold thorough discussions and negotiations, to resolve all claims with prudence, professionality, and by the good will of the parties.