Our Vision

At adlog, our vision is to contribute to and achieve outstanding results in all our business activities, through innovation, up to date technology, and by utilization of our knowledge, our experiences, and our accumulated professional body of work.

We believe that respect for business ethics, human safety, and environmental protection must always be an integral part in all stages of entrepreneurship.



Business Ethics

At adlog, we apply business ethics with absolute integrity in all our functions.

We promote and comply with all anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws, as well as all practices ensuring that our staff and associates strictly follow the Code of Conduct at all levels of operation. The management team guarantees full compliance with principles of loyalty, fairness, non-discrimination, and transparency.


Aim & Commitments

At adlog, we aim to fulfill all the requirements of our customers and to achieve business excellence by respecting values, business ethics, as well as the set rules of transparency and professionality.

adlog stands by its commitments for fully respecting the philosophy and the operational practices of our customers.

We are focusing in executing and completing our clients’ awards in full accordance with the agreed schedules and budgets.

We aim to provide the highest possible quality in relation with all the available resources, guarantee full compliance with all HSE regulations, and achieve the best possible quality assurance properties of our deliverables.