Advanced Logistics

At adlog we believe that in logistics, high quality service performance is key to successful project execution.

adlog has the experience to manage transportation and logistics tasks worldwide. Regardless of the size and nature of the clients' business and no matter how complex the assignments are, we in adlog execute all road, rail, sea, air, and combined logistics activities in a safe and a professional manner.

We carefully plan, design, and execute demanding operations by focusing on minimizing all risks and eliminating adverse situations at the most competitive budget.

adlog undertakes professional carriage of heavy and/or massive cargoes including detailed route planning, schedules and implementation of all required authorization and permit procedures.

Our expertise in combined use of truck, railway and vessel transportation allows us to reach every destination in the world, providing best use of time margins in competitive price.

We, at adlog, insist:

Safety and sustainability are key for all logistics activities.

Land Transportation

Adlog provides advanced logistics services in the following three sectors of land transportation.

  • Road transportation
  • Οff - road transportation
  • Railway transportation

adlog designs, studies, schedules, organizes and executes all types of land transports.

All general and special conditions referring to land transportation comply with relevant legislation, corresponding standards, and all mandatory licensing. We efficiently and reliably prepare, coordinate, and perform tailor-made operations from the point of receiving the goods to delivery destination.

We undertake domestic and international land transport, meeting all requirements with professionalism and responsibility. All related documents, certificates, custom clearances, and formal obligations are meticulously met.

We are motivated in providing customized transportation activities working towards perfection and aiming to deliver the optimum solution for the Clients.

It is binding that all means, machinery, equipment, loading and stacking tools, as well as lashing equipment, handling and fastening material and consumables that are used in all our transportation activities bear appropriate accreditations and certifications.


Shipping & Air Transportation


adlog fixes multipurpose vessels and bulk carriers, to carry full, part and project cargoes of steel products, rebars, coils, machinery, various heavy equipment, containers, and bulk material to and from all ports worldwide. Our Customers are mills, natural gas and oil companies, construction companies, industrial equipment manufacturers, and industrial facilities / refineries.

Chartering and operation of vessels built with box shaped holds and equipped with cranes suitable for heavy cargoes, have become our expertise areas.

Combined land and sea transportation activities, form adlog’s main logistics services.

Our accumulated experience in shipping operations and our close relationship with well-known European heavy lifting shipowners and recognized project cargo operators, benefits adlog in establishing a respectable reputation in the carriage and handling of all kinds of cargoes in highly competitive prices.

Detailed cargo and stowage planning as well as exemplary lashing and securing activities ensure complete stability and protection of the cargo.

Concerning standard maritime transport projects, adlog applies all transport-related procedures of insurance, customs clearance, and any further action related to various declarations for the release and delivery of the cargo.


Air Transportation

adlog provides complete air-freight services, for all types and sizes of cargo.

Our network of partners and associates allows us to contact them directly for timely and effective proposals, and to provide our Clients with cost-efficient solutions.

adlog undertakes the handling of all formalities related to quality certification, customs declarations and clearance, as well as every related action, to handle the Client’s cargo in a "door-to-door“ concept.


ADLOG - Advanced Logistics Services & Trading