Sustainability models, which guide all our business processes, are oriented towards excellence and achievement of long-term objectives to prevent, reduce, and manage all possible risks.

adlog’s top priorities are the safe operating way of its entire staff, the protection of human health, and the minimization of any environmental impact associated with its operations and activities.

It is our belief that all workplace accidents can be avoided. Therefore, we plan and implement regular work-safe training courses as well as daily safety inductions for all our site personnel.

adlog ensures that suitable and sufficient resources are always available in order to maintain, manage and implement HSE precautionary measures, procedures, and policies.

All our staff is obliged to report any HSE issue of concern. Accident / Incident Reports, Investigation Reports as well as relevant HSE recommendations and Corrective actions plans are always welcome from all parties and are recorded accordingly.

adlog’s Safety Manual covering HSE procedures and assessments is regularly updated, complying with international and local legislation as well as with any additional provisions and procedures related to HSE.

adlog insists:

Only safety and sustainability ensure progress and happiness in business life.