adlog undertakes Project Management tasks, covering the overall administration of Material and Services Contracts. We comply with all modern project management principles, operating systems, innovative processes and executing practices, providing high performance services.

adlog’s contribution commences by setting-up and analyzing the terms and conditions of the contracts, continues with initiating production and monitoring its progress as well as providing adequate Quality control services based on agreed ITPs.

adlog’s contribution is completed with the required certification of the products.

Introducing new effective management practices, applying the agreed operating procedures, implementing advanced and adapted at-level decision-making and ensuring professional competence of staff members and partners, guarantees a successful outcome.

By using new information technology, by respecting the set time and budget limits, and by applying modern Traceability systems, the completion of the projects will be effected in the best possible manner.

adlog insists:

No project can commence without beforehand applying strict safety and sustainability rules.